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Jul 25th | 992



I took a break from commissions to draw a lil somethin

I beat TWEWY way back this year but I hadn’t drawn anything for it although I really enjoyed it. 

I should really replay it (after I beat my ever increasing to play pile)


* U*)/ no you don’t understand how much I love this and these two aaAAAHHH

Jul 23rd | 102 
「 マスターといっしょ♪ 」 (Together with Master) by クノツキ
マスターといっしょ♪ 」 (Together with Master) by クノツキ
Jul 21st | 22

「 Shokugeki no Soma c79 」

daaaaaaammmnn, son.

Jul 21st | 5

{/ Fujoshi ♚ Review } Shokugeki no Soma c79


Okay, so, I’m an Isshiki x Souma shipper, but…
I’m leaning towards Souma x Takumi more and more… OTL I…

With that chapter… First of all:

"While I was investigating you, two things came up which are constantly on your mind… One was your bond with Isami, and the other was your rematch against Yukihira Souma. How does it feel, having both of them stolen at once…?"

Constantly on his mind, you say?
…It’s worth enough to be stolen from him?
// u//) I-Is that so…

Secondly, anyone can predict that from here, it’s very likely that Souma will be winning back Takumi’s mezzaluna for him. incoming Japanese-Italian male tsundere

On top of that, they’re rivals.

And you don’t exactly need to squint to see that Takumi is a bit smitten with Souma. Gets flustered around him so easily, too. XD It’s adorable.

I can’t resist it any more. I give in. I like SouTaku officially now. Well, I already have a tag for it, but nevermind that…

One step closer to getting those cooking husbands I wanted? Probably not. Maybe one day.

Jul 20th | 6404 

when you're gonethe words i need to hearto always get me through the dayand make it okayi  m i s s  y o u 
when you're gone
the words i need to hear
to always get me through the day
and make it okay
i m i s s y o u 

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🔫 by 米田
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actual married couple

so lovely.

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「 Kuroshitsuji c95 - That Butler & that foot
Black Asylum Scans
Jul 19th | 969
「 Kuroshitsuji c95 - That Butler, (Was Not Left) Disappointed 」
.// ♔ \\.
the boy that never ceases to amuse him
the only human that exceeds his expectations
(again and again)

the soul most worth waiting for
to consume
Black Asylum Scans
Jul 19th | 128


Kuroshitsuji 95 part 2. SPOILER


"Good morning, Master", to welcome back our Ciel. TT __TT I knew I was right to have faith in Toboso. Oh, my heart.

Ciel, our Ciel, did not betray my expectations at all. Of course he’d be able to come back on his own (thank god nobody else interfered), and be the human who always surpasses Sebastian’s expectations (er, the latter being more relevant to the anime, but that’ll be true in the manga eventually so). Calling just a dangerous demon “kisama”, and then issuing a command to him even in that situation… I really do love Ciel a lot. ;  ^ ; my bae

and can we talk about that foot. on the shoulder.

i mean

toboso woww such subtle

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Jul 15th | 3

So I binge-read Tokyo Ghoul.

The art sucks. It’s getting better, but god, the only thing worse is Isayama’s art. The kakune designs are kinda meh; not very cool. I started it thinking the art was gonna be fantastic, judging by the cover art. Boy, I was wrong.
And I am awfully tired of stereotypical comic relief “mama” types being the only bloody verified canon homosexual characters in fiction.

The plot’s good, though. And the writing’s pretty great.

…and, from their first fight, I can’t help but ship Amon and Kaneki.

=(〃▽〃) My shipper senses are going off like gay sirens~ hooomooo hoooomooooo HOOOOMOOOOOOO weeeooooo HOOOOMOOOOOO k ill stahp
This premonition that “of course, they’re going to change this wrongful world together”. The moe of two sides who are supposed to be enemies, potentially converging paths…! Ehehe. Well, I don’t care if it’s an overused trope as long as it’s done well.

Even though I’m pretty damn sure Kaneki will end up with Akane. They remind me so much of Eren and Mikasa, except a lot more platonic. Bleh.

Next stop, the anime! After my test.

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Jul 14th | 55
Jul 14th | 5

The DMMD anime officially sucks balls. :/

There were so many shittily drawn keyframes, especially for Clear’s part. It’s like they said “Clear’s scene doesn’t matter so much, so put the least talented person on the job to draw it”. (They fucked up Clear’s bangs, and they screwed up Aoba in the last few frames.)

The pacing is horrible, and nobody takes one bite of plain rice and says it’s delicious with so much enthusiasm—how tacky can you get?

Ugh, please please please get better soon.

(sigh) I knew it, it’s just like with Togainu no Chi. e _e

Jul 13th | 1017
Jul 13th | 480


I noticed something in the season 2 opening…


"Rin was unable to move. He couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Rin’s heart was completely enraptured by Haruka’s gliding swimming that was like a water bird dancing in the sky with it’s wings spread wide.”  - High Speed Chapter 7